Welcome to Automatic Control Laboratory (ACL) at Ajou University, Korea. We are a research group focused on the analysis and control of vehicles and robots.
Our research at the ACL centers on autonomous vehicle and active safety systems. Current work with the active safety vehicle (ASV) ranges from sensor fusion for vehicle detection to decision and path planning for lane-change and automated parking. The lab has also developed a vehicle prototype to investigate various aspects of the autonomous vehicles.
Professor Bongsob Song is our academic advisor and lab director. He has a strong research interest in nonlinear control and its application to vehicle control. He has worked on the autonomous control of ground vehicles in the California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH) program, UC Berekeley. Recently He published a monograph titled "Dynamic Surface Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems: an LMI approach" by Springer. Furthermore, he has teaches vehicle dynamics and control systems at Ajou University.